About Us

  • Robot dog used for home security

Rizzo’s Home Security is an up and coming home security business founded by it’s owner, Cory Rizzo. After his time in the Air Force he got a job as a security consultant and stayed in that job for five years. He then decided to go into business for himself, and he used the contacts that he made to help engineer top of the line security devices for affordable prices.

Rizzo’s Home Security takes great pride in offering great products at affordable prices. We also have plenty of consultants that have years of experience ready to help give you advice on how to make your home safer.

We’re also real excited to introduce our newest products, realistic looking dog robots capable of sounding the alarm and if needed incapacitating any home intruders. If you leave your home, and more importantly your family’s, security to us, we promise not to let you down. We have thousands of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us because we always deliver quality. Thank you for considering Rizzo’s Home Security for your protection.

CEO of Rizzo’s Home Security, Cory Rizzo