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New Product Robot Dog Security System
Female Dog Robot for home security
Nearly impenetrable window


Steel Reinforced Front Door


We are glad to present our newest product. This robot dog looks nearly indistinguishable from a real dog. It comes equipped with motion sensors, heat sensors, and facial recognition software. When put into guard mode, this dog will bark at any unauthorized intruders coming into the house. If the intruder decides to come in any way, this incredibly sturdy robot dog will bite the intruder and then release a current of electricity, rendering the intruder unconscious. This dog can interface with any cameras or other security systems in the house, making it so no area of the house is outside it’s sight. You do not need to feed this dog, but it will need to be plugged in and recharged every five days for about ten hours.

Also, comes in female version.

We will soon be selling these top of the line bulletproof and shatterproof windows to make entering your home even harder for intruders. These windows will come in many styles and sizes to fit whatever you need.

We will also soon be selling steel reinforced doors that look no different than a normal front door. With these covering your entrances, and our bulletproof windows, your house will turn into an impenetrable fortress.